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Latest Java Update Fixes Eclipse Crash Issue

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A lot of Eclipse users had issues with the previous update of the JDK. Java 6 Update 21, caused issues with the memory settings after Oracle changed the vendor name in the executables for java and javaw. The bug describes the issue:
"This causes a severe regression for programs that need to identify the Sun/Oracle HostSpot VM such that they know whether the "-XX:MaxPermSize" argument needs to be used or not."

Basically, the eclipse.exe launcher checks if the 'Sun Microsystems' string is present in order to add the -XX:MaxPermSize VM parameter. On Monday, Oracle provided a new version (build 07) of Java 6 Update 21, reverting the vendor name back to Sun Microsystems Inc for the moment. So, if you haven't used the auto-update yet, you'll have nothing to worry about thanks to Oracle's fast reaction. 

Oracle will be changing the vendor name in Java 7, and there's already a patch available to deal with this change when it comes about.



Alex Zuroff replied on Wed, 2010/07/28 - 10:15am

Manually adding the line:


to your eclipse.ini file fixes the problem as well, if you don't want to download and install a new JDK build.

Osvaldo Doederlein replied on Wed, 2010/07/28 - 10:27am

The vendor name may finally change in JDK 7, but I'm sure that due to other similar backwards-compatibility issues, the Sun Microsoystems branding will survive forever and ever, even if that's just in obscure details of its many products... for example, in the JVM itself we find a boatload of sun.* properties and internal classes. Even though the properties (e.g. -Dsun.java2d.opengl) are "unsupported", and the internal classes (e.g. sun.misc.Unsafe) are "nonpublic", in practice lots of apps end up depending on them, at least in launchers and configuration files.

My take on this is that "grep -R Sun .", executed in the root dir of most ex-Sun software, will match something for many years to come, most certainly until these softwares cease to exist at all... ;-) which is kinda comforting for the Sun nostalgic.

Manuel Jordan replied on Wed, 2010/07/28 - 11:26am

I would ask for for Eclipse Team to let us open any amount of Windows containing many Editors, after to reach or open many of them together, Eclipse Crashes, If I doesn't bad remember, with 65-75 editors open through many windows Eclipse Crashes

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