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JSR-346 for new CDI 1.1

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There is a new Java Specification Request (JSR) with number 346: Contexts and Dependency Injection for JavaTM EE 1.1.

It contains improvements for CDI  1.0, and is led by Red Hat.

CDI might be the most helpful new piece of technology in Java EE 6. If you haven't heard of it or didn't use it before, then try Adam Bien's articles or the documentation of CDI's reference implementation, called Weld, which is actuaaly quite easy to read.

So what are the suggestions for CDI 1.1? Let's look what the JSR says:
  • "Global ordering of interceptors and decorators, as well as global enablement of alternatives [CDI-48]
  • An API for managing built in contexts, allowing the built in implementation of the conversation context to be used outside of JSF [CDI-30]
  • An embedded mode allowing startup outside of a Java EE container [CDI-26]
  • Declarative control over which packages/classes are scanned in a bean archive [CDI-87]
  • Bean declaration at constructor level [CDI-55]
  • Static injection [CDI-51]
  • Inclusion of @Unwraps from Seam Solder [CDI-89]
  • Align with current version of @Inject [CDI-51]
  • Numerous minor enhancements to the Portable Extensions SPI
  • Client controlled contexts allowing for SaaS style multi-tennancy [CDI-103]
  • Better support for CDI in libraries when used in the Java EE platform [CDI-84]
  • Send CDI events for Servlet events [CDI-38]
  • Application lifecycle events [CDI-86]"

The final release of CDI 1.1 is currently scheduled for Q3 2012.

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Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2011/04/13 - 8:15pm

If this had annotation based JMX beans, I'd be more excited...

Cloves Almeida replied on Wed, 2011/04/13 - 8:59pm

Pretty good enhancement. The spec should be less coupled to JSF and Servet technologies. One example is about the Conversation scope being bound to JSF lifecycle.

Another is the Session scope completely bound HTTP session as implemented by Servlet spec. It provides no semantics for non-Servlet stateful remoting technologies, like RMI, XMLRPC, or even HTTP implemented in a servlet-less fashion as in the Play! framework.


Hantsy Bai replied on Wed, 2011/04/13 - 11:33pm

I hope in next Java EE,  bean(ManagedBean, EJB Session Bean/MDB, CDI Bean, JSF ManagedBean) and scope( scope should be used in JSF, Servlet, CDI and none-web client, currently the JSF and CDI defined their own SCOPE ) definition can be united for all Java EE feature, make it look smooth like Spring.

Additionally, the JSF 2.0 defined a Project Stage, it is good for development, testing and deployment. I think it can be promoted a global scope and can be  accessed in all Java EE features. Please provide the same feature of Enviroment and Profile in Spring 3.1. This maybe little interest CDI.




Khent Johnson replied on Fri, 2011/09/02 - 3:27pm

Hmm...This is pretty interesting! I've heard about CDI 1.1 from someone else but I am don't have complete info about it. Thus, I tried to visit the links you have shared from this article and it was very helpful and you're right the articles have been written neatly which is easy to understand. GAR Labs

Pippifin Cakasey replied on Sat, 2011/10/22 - 8:28am

CDI is the most helpful new piece of technology in Java EE 6. aloe vera beauty

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