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JSF Jumpstarter: Free PDF Book Download

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The JSF Jumpstarter book is a short (67 pages), tutorial introduction to JSF, suitable for new JSF developers. If you need to get up to speed quickly with JSF, this book may be able to help you.

The good news is, this book has now been released into the public domain - in other words, you can now download it for free!

In a short 65 pages, this book teaches you how to build dynamic web sites in Java using JavaServer Faces, using a hands-on, practical approach. Little or no prior experience in web development is necessary (though a bit of Java knowledge would help). Using an easy-to-follow, tutorial style, you will learn how to use JavaServer Faces to build real-world Java web applications, including screens, navigation and business logic. Along the way, you will learn the key concepts behind JavaServer Faces.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Use the powerful and (soon-to-be) open source Exadel Studio Pro development environment to build your web sites quickly and easily
  • Construct JSF-based web pages with ease using the Exadel WISIWIG editors
  • Build, deploy, test and debug your JSF applications from within your development environment
  • And more!


You will also learn plenty of valuable real-world tips-and-tricks and best practices in the fine art of JavaServer Faces development.


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Steven Baker replied on Thu, 2008/09/18 - 6:20pm

is the author a man or a woman? who knows, thats the fun!


also, his blog has shameless self promotion of her book

Jeroen Wenting replied on Tue, 2008/09/23 - 6:19am

well, nothing wrong with using your blog for self promotion. That's what they're used for more than anything else, to stroke the vanity of the authors :)

What I do mind is the way the entire publication is based around a single product, yet claims from its title (and this blurb) to be a generic introduction into JSF.

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