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JBoss Java EE 6 Spec Dependency in Maven

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Adam Bien wrote about the Troubled with the crippled Java EE 6 APIs in Maven and a solution for them. Another solution has presented itself now that JBoss has finalized the Java EE 6 spec pom and added it to their public repositories as of early January 2011.

You can include the spec in your own project by adding the following to your pom.xml :


I’ll be adding this pom to the Knappsack archetypes to resolve some of the issues people have been facing with the broken spec dependency.

From http://www.andygibson.net/blog/quickbyte/jboss-java-ee-6-spec-dependency-in-maven/

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Justin Lee replied on Sun, 2011/02/06 - 1:58pm

Good thing we didn't have to wait on jboss all this time: http://download.java.net/maven/2/javax/javaee-api/6.0/

Wujek Srujek replied on Sun, 2011/02/06 - 3:28pm

@Justin - have you tried reading the post and the linked post by A. Bien? Probably not. Have you tried using the jars from this repo for anytning more than compilation in scope provided? Like in unit tests or sth? You sure didn't, otherwise you would know that exactly these are the crippled jars that are useless pretty much for anytning.

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