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JBoss Fuse iPaaS on OpenShift

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Well, you probably know my thoughts on cloud, PaaS, iPaaS and the like. In short, there’s a lot of hype around it, unscrupulous vendors, and some awesome magic involved. But there is some truth to it when you live in reality.

And I prefer reality. So let me introduce you to an iPaaS built on JBoss Fuse / Fabric8+HawtIO. JBoss Fuse 6.1 will be released GA any day now, and you can use those same GA bits and try it out on OpenShift. You can sign up for OpenShift for free and get some of the free gears to play around with. Just note that the Fuse cartridge itself is still in Alpha stages (no paid support from Red Hat).

To recap, JBoss Fuse is an open-source, next-generation, integration platform built on the foundations of some popular open-source technologies come to know and love: Apache Camel. Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CXF, Apache Karaf, Apache Zookeeper, Elastic Search, and HawtIO

There are some good blogs out there introducing this subject:

* Claus put together a video connecting Twitter into the iPaaS
* James has demo'd Fuse on OpenShift!

My goal with these next videos is to take a deep dive into OpenShift, iPaaS, Fuse, the Loan Broker demo, and HawtIO.

The getting started sections introduce OpenShift, iPaaS and gets started with Fuse on OpenShift.

 JBoss Fuse iPaaS on OpenShift: Getting Started from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

JBoss Fuse iPaaS on OpenShift Getting Started — Part 2 from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.

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