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JavaOne 2010 Accepted Talks - Post Yours!

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JavaOne 2010 (alongside Oracle develop) is just four months away, and the anticipation is really boiling now.  The blogosphere and twittersphere are abuzz with joyful recipients of JavaOne 2010 acceptance letters from Oracle this morning.  Since Oracle doesn't have a full listing of the accepted talks on its JavaOne web page, I thought I'd compile a list myself and ask for your help to fill in any gaps (I'm sure there are many).  I did an extensive rundown of Twitter and a Google blogs search, which turned up a whole bunch of accepted talks.

The most noticeable difference in session subjects this year is the multitude of JVM language presentations, notes Alex Miller.  A larger number of Clojure, Scala, and Groovy presentations will be seen this year.  Hamlet D'Arcy was tickled by the special attention given to Groovy by Oracle.

Below you'll find my list (so far) of accepted talks (including a subject and an attached name/twitter username).  If any information is incomplete, inaccurate, or you just want to add more info, post a comment.  Also, post any accepted talks that I missed (with a subject and speaker at least) in the comments, even if it's someone else's talk.

Alex Miller - Talk on Clojure, and Scala 

Hamlet D'Arcy - Code Generation on the JVM

Adam Bien - Several sessions accepted on Java EE and JavaFX

Geertjan Wielenga - Creating REST clients

Toni Epple - "Patterns for Modularity"  

I’ve invited Zoran Sevarac and Jaroslav Tulach to join me and I’m really looking forward to this. We’ll discuss topics like how to identify module boundaries, API design, how different module system ( like NetBeans Platform and OSGi )deal with loosely coupled communication and even if and when we need a module system, and when it’s an overkill.  --Toni Epple

Joseph D. Darcy - "Project Coin: Small Language Changes for JDK 7":  Expects to focus on experiences implementing and using the new features.  "Patents, Copyrights, and TMs: An Intellectual Property Primer for Engineers": Shares information learned from taking a few classes on intellectual property and filing (and eventually getting issued) several patents.

Ben Alex - Three acceptances on Spring Roo, GWT, and more

Alexis MP - Comparison of WebSockets and Comet

Jan Haderka - "Swinglabs Dev Update" and "Building Content Management solutions based on Java Content Repository"

Dan Allen - Two talks about Arquillian, ShrinkWrap, CDI, and Seam 3

Luc Boudreau - "olap4j - OLAP API for Java Developers"

Jonas Boner - Talk on Akka

Andrew Lee Rubinger - "Throwing Complexity Over the Wall - Rapid Development for Enterprise Java"

Jan-Kees van Andel - "The JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 and HTML5 Version of"

Binod PG - Building Rich Communication Services for Java EE [Will cover simplified programming model sailfin cafe]

jclouds - On jclouds and cloud storage

Andre Moreira - "Put Your Server and Client to REST with JAX-RS"

Max Katz - Enterprise JavaFX Applications with CDI (JSR-299)

Dierk Konig - Presentation model pattern

Neal Ford - "Unit Testing that Sucks Less" and "Comparing Groovy & JRuby"

- Module keyword (JSR 294) talk and an OSGi BOF

Fabian Ritzmann - BOF: "Metro Web Services Configuration Management for the Enterprise"

Guillaume Laforge - Talk on Groovy; also back for the script bowl 

David Pollak - Presentation on the Lift framework

Atmosphere Framework
- "Building Powerful WebSocket, Comet, and RESTful Applications Using Atmosphere"

JNBridge - On Cross-platform transactions between enterprise Java and .NET

The Sessions at JavaOne 2010 will be divided into these categories:

  • Core Java Platform
  • Desktop Java
  • Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications
  • JavaFX and Rich User Experience
  • Java ME and Mobile
  • Java for Devices, Card, and TV
  • The Java Frontier

I also encourage anyone to elaborate on their sessions even if I've already listed it here.  It would be nice to hear a little more about them than just a subject line.  Let's get a good list started in Javalobby!

In other news, Devoxx 2010 just announced their Call For Papers.  Wonder if there'll be a shocking announcement at this one too.  :)


Nina Nussbaum-jones replied on Fri, 2010/05/21 - 2:40pm

Session S313577: 100% Java Virtual Worlds: How to Deploy Innovation in the Virtual Enterprise

Jonathan Fuerth replied on Fri, 2010/05/21 - 2:50pm

Together with Dan Fraser, I'll be presenting a talk on Blinkenlights Stereoscope, a cool project that turned the curved twin towers of Toronto City Hall into giant video walls, complete with video games you can dial in and play over touch-tone phones. We used quite a bit of Java behind the scenes.

Session S314143: Watschen Der Blinkenlights! Java+Project Blinkenlights = 27-storey Video Screen

Paul King replied on Fri, 2010/05/21 - 7:18pm

A couple of Groovy talks I will be giving:

Session ID: S314142
Session Title: Groovy and Concurrency

Session ID: S314154
Session Title: Writing Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) using Groovy

Jan-kees Van Andel replied on Sat, 2010/05/22 - 9:41am

BTW. I present my talk "The JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.0 and HTML5 Version of" together with Stephan Janssen.

Abdelmonaim Remani replied on Tue, 2010/05/25 - 10:17am

I got one accepted as well. Please add: Abdelmonaim Remani on: "Building Enterprise Web Applications with Spring 3.0 and Spring 3.0 MVC "

Burk Hufnagel replied on Fri, 2010/05/28 - 10:43am

Just got notified my other submission got accepted as an alternate. S314638 -- No More Loser Experiences: Avoiding Common User Experience Antipatterns

That means I've got a talk and a BoF to prepare for; time to get busy...

Hazem Saleh replied on Wed, 2010/06/02 - 2:12am

Session ID: S314070
Session Title: Abstract Mashups for Enterprise Java.

Speakers: Ed Burns and Me (Hazem Saleh)

Burk Hufnagel replied on Sat, 2010/06/05 - 6:31pm

If you're speaking at JavaOne, I would like to invite you to join a Linked in group I just created. The idea is to create a place to share questions, solutions, tips, ideas, and stories with each other.

The group name is "JavaOne Speakers" and I think it could be a valuable resource for all of us. This link should take you right to it. When you put in a request to join, please include the title and session ID of your talk/BoF.

See you there,
Burk Hufnagel

Satish Viswanatham replied on Fri, 2010/06/11 - 1:32pm

I'll be talking about "Scaling Data Processing with Java in the Cloud"

Session ID: S31442
Session Title: Scaling Data Processing with Java in the Cloud

Gopalan Suresh Raj replied on Sat, 2010/07/03 - 12:32pm

Session ID: S313771 Session Title: Versioning Strategies for Service-Oriented Architectures

Werner Keil replied on Wed, 2010/09/15 - 4:48pm

I'll present Eclipse STEM, The Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler Tuesday, Sep 21, 4:30-5:30 5109 Java Exhibition Hall (Eclipse Foundation)

Carla Brian replied on Mon, 2012/06/18 - 5:46pm

This is a great oppurtunity. Good luck to those who will join and keep up the good work. - Steven Delarge

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