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JavaFXOne is Going to Rock! (JavaFX Sessions at JavaOne 2008)

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I'm getting excited about presenting at, and attending, JavaOne this year.  There will be lots of JavaFX sessions that show how far JavaFX has come in one year, as well as (hopefully) disclosing some closely guarded plans for the future.


For your convenience, I did a search on JavaFX sessions at the JavaOne 2008 Conference Catalog site, which returned the following sessions:

Overview of the JavaFX™ Script Programming Language Technical Session Christopher Oliver, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java™ Platform, Standard Edition: A Youthful Maturity Technical Session Danny Coward, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
A JavaFX™ Script Programming Language Tutorial Technical Session James Weaver, LAT
The JavaFX™ Platform: Sexy Interfaces For Mere Mortals Technical Session Joshua Smith, Aerospace & Defense
Applets Reloaded: Introducing the Next-Generation Java™ Plug-in Technology Technical Session Sven Gothel, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Kenneth Russell, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Case Studies from the JavaFX™ Technology World Panel Session Erik Hellman, IBS JavaSolutions AB; Jeff Martin, ReportMill Software, Inc.; Raghavan Srinivas, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Jo Voordeckers, Dolmen/JCS
Inside The JavaFX™ Script Technology-Based Runtime APIs: Scene Graph & WebKit Technical Session Igor Kushnirskiy, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Hans Muller, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
JavaFX™ Mobile Platform Architecture and APIs Technical Session Craig Newell, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Noel Poore, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Meet with the JavaFX™ Tools Team Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Nandini Ramani, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Gerard Ziemski, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
The Java™ Media Components API BOF Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Brian Burkhalter, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Tony Wyant, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Meet the Java 2D™ API Graphics and Java Advanced Imaging Team Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Jim Graham, Sun Microsystems; Phil Race, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
3-D Graphics APIs for the Java™ and JavaFX™ Platforms Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Kevin Rushforth, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Chien Yang, Sun Microsystems Inc
Java™ Technology for Blu-ray and TV: Authoring for Performance Diversity Technical Session Bill Foote, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
JavaFX™ Platform Tools Strategy and Direction Technical Session Martin Ryzl, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Param Singh, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Going Mobile with JavaFX™ Script Technology, Groovy, and Google Android Technical Session Dierk König, Canoo Engineering AG; Mike Mannion, Canoo Engineering AG
A Look into Development for the JavaFX™ Mobile/TV Platform with the NetBeans™ IDE Technical Session Petr Suchomel, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
High-Performance Graphics for Mobile Devices Technical Session Pavel Petroshenko, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Oleg Pliss, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Using JavaFX™ Script To Build Swing Applications Technical Session Amy Fowler, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Hans Muller, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Boldly Go Where the Java™ Programming Language Has Never Gone Before Technical Session Geert Bevin, Terracotta
Incorporating Media into JavaFX™ and Java™ Technology-Based Applications Technical Session Marc Owerfeldt, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Tony Wyant, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Java™ Champions BOF: The Latest Buzz, Highlights, and Panel Discussion Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Calvin Austin, SpikeSource, Inc.; Aaron Houston, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Manfred Riem, Java Champion
How to Build RESTful Clients with the JavaScript™, Ruby, and JavaFX™ Programming Languages Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Ayub Khan, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Samaresh Panda, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Parleys.com: An Adobe Flex/AIR and JavaFX™ Case Study Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Stephan Janssen, BeJUG
JavaFX™ TV Platform Overview Birds-of-a-Feather Session (BOF) Bartley Calder, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Build Your Own Multitouch Interface with Java™ and JavaFX™ Technology Technical Session Angela Caicedo, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Simon Ritter, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Extreme GUI Makeover: Swing Meets FX Technical Session Christopher Campbell, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Shannon Hickey, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
JavaFX™ Technology: Bring the Web with You--Multiple Interfaces to Games, Chat, and More Technical Session Joshua Marinacci, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Anthony Rogers, Sun Microsystems
So Many Faces: Web 2.0 XD Experience with JavaServer™ Faces and JavaFX™ Technology, Flex, and Windows Presentation Foundation Technical Session Ray Lai, Intuit; George Mount, nVidia
JavaFX™ Technology-Based Applications: Rich Client Applications with Cool Effects Hands-On Lab Sridhar Reddy, Sun Microsystems Inc; Raghavan Srinivas, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

In addition to the JavaFX Technical Session above, I'll be teaching a University session on JavaFX Script with Sang Shin on Monday, May 5th (Java University Day).  If you attend one of my sessions, please introduce yourself!

Indicthreads_3 Also, you might check out a JavaFX interview that Harshad Oak of IndicThreads.com conducted with me.  IndicThreads.com is a great resource for developers, and I really appreciated Harshad's professionalism and expertise.

Jim Weaver
JavaFX Script: Dynamic Java Scripting for Rich Internet/Client-side Applications

Immediate eBook (PDF) download available at the book's Apress site

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John Denver replied on Mon, 2008/03/17 - 10:14pm

Welcome to the new EJB(JavaFX) fiasco coming from SUN. Lots of session's focusing JavaFX. We Java developers we don't need JavaFX.

Nothing against to Mr.Jim Weaver article, it's just that it is driving me nuts SUN doesn't learn. We want a better JVM and Java language, I don't want another scripting language, we have already lots of them, Groovy, Jython, JRuby so on.

James Imber replied on Tue, 2008/03/18 - 4:30am

[quote] disclosing some closely guarded plans for the future.[/quote]
Man, you just said just too little or too much!

Jim Weaver replied on Tue, 2008/03/18 - 6:01am

Man, you just said just too little or too much!

I'm just hoping that Sun gives us a peek at plans/protos/whatever of the developer tool that I've been hearing about.  The one that will be conducive to graphic designers and developers collaborating togather.  Also, I've been hearing about an HTML module that will be part of JavaFX and will do street HTML.  I'd like to see some specifics on that, but haven't been able to so far.  These are two examples of what I referred to as "closely guarded plans for the future".

Alejandro replied on Tue, 2008/03/18 - 10:22am in response to: John Denver

... we have lots of them and many more are welcome, as long as they are specifically designed to solve a particular problem, as JavaFX is addressing the well known difficult task of building filthy rich swing apps, or being able to easily hand-over that work to a graphics person. I just hope that tool Jim mentions below is as good as Blend or Flex Builder.

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