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JavaFX and HTML5 at JavaOne India

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This past week I had the opportunity to attend JavaOne India, and in my opinion it was even better than last year.  I was speaking together with Kevin Nilson, leader of the SV Web JUG, and he commented on what a great venue that had for the event, which was easily able to hold 2000+ attendees.


Walking around the event, you could appreciate how much passion there was for Java development in India, with a diverse group of attendees that included students, professional developers, and Java community members.  Yara Senger, who came all the way from Brazil to speak about Java home automation with jHome, was impressed with the large number of women developers attending the conference.

The session that Kevin and I gave was an updated version of our HTML5 and JavaFX talk.  Since we last gave this at Devoxx, we were able to add some exciting info about Bootstrap, which is a new JavaScript framework developed by Twitter that has surpassed both jQuery and node.js in activity.  Definitely worth a look if you are developing responsive UIs in JavaScript!

Here is the full presentation deck (which you can also download by going to SlideShare):

For the finale of the presentation, which showed a Conference Tour application that shows how simple it is to mix JavaFX and HTML5 into a single, interactive application.  The whole user interface is rendered using JavaFX including the Accordion control and the Reflection effect, while the map itself is an embedded WebView that makes use of Google Maps.  By clicking on any of the conference locations in the Accordion, it automatically centers on that application in the map showing you where you can find some of the most amazing Java conferences throughout the world!

To run the project yourself, you can download the source code and open it in NetBeans or your favorite IDE.

The code for both the JavaFX UI and Google Maps component is under 150 lines, so this is definitely something you could develop yourself.  Feel free to take the code and leverage it in your own JavaFX/HTML5 hybrid projects as a starting template, and let us know what sort of cool applications you are able to build!

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