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Improved Font Rendering for JavaFX 2.1 Beta

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In the current JavaFX 2.1 Beta preview (Build 12), the font rendering on LCD screens improved a lot due to sub-pixel font anti-aliasing. Here are 2 screen shots from my Eclipse 4 JavaFX rendering demo:

JavaFX 2.0.2 (without sub-pixel font anti-aliasing):

JavaFX 2.1 Beta Build 12 (with sub-pixel font anti-aliasing):

I really like this improvement!


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Goel Yatendra replied on Thu, 2012/03/15 - 3:49pm

Great! Day to day JavaFX becomes more and more interesting to me. I understood the concept of your JavaFX based workbench renderer. Very interesting approach that could be an alternative if writing e4 applications from scratch. What about existing SWT based code. Are there any plans or even already existing projects for a JavaFX based SWT implementaion? (I mean the same solution the compeople guys did with QT or something like SwingWT)

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