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Java Still At Number One

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Java remains the most popular programming language. At least that's the case if you follow the latest TIOBE index results which show Java remaining at the top spot. The latest chart is a big indication of the popularity of mobile app development, and the trends that have surrounded this branch of software over the last few months.

Android's surge in popularity has surely been a contributing factor to Java's continued dominance in the index. You'll see that the main movement in the index has been Objective-C, which has jumped 2.35%, no doubt as a result of the update to Apple's terms.  Another side effect to this is that Javascript and Ruby have both dropped - both languages are popular for cross-compilation approaches to iPhone development.

Another interesting trend I see in these ratings is that it's Java and C that have the top share (both around the 18% mark) while all other languages are 10.75% and below.



Andrea Del Bene replied on Mon, 2010/07/05 - 7:50am

Index for July is just around the corner, we'll see if Java supremacy is destined to last :-)

santhakumar replied on Mon, 2010/07/05 - 9:53am

Its great, yeah its correct, JAVA is most widely used language in the world. But I think in the future for cloud computing environment, JAVA is the only language can able to provide the best infrastructure. Eventhough we have some issues in garbage collection but still IT mostly depends on this Language and the 2nd and 3rd most popular languages. Thanks to James he is a guru for me by providing so many valuable information.

Steven Baker replied on Mon, 2010/07/05 - 5:26pm

Objective-C is only where it's at because Apple are forcing devs onto it. Otherwise nobody would use it. And it's good to see the hype days of Ruby are dying....

Mark Thomas replied on Mon, 2010/07/05 - 7:52pm in response to: Steven Baker

All this proves is that the TIOBE index can be thrown off by newsmakers. Objective C isn't getting that much popularity; it has been discussed a lot recently and therefore shows up in the search engine results count that TIOBE uses, a very non-scientific measure.

I think it's impossible that Javascript is losing popularity; it's becoming more important to Web development than ever. I'd also say that Ruby isn't necessarily losing popularity either.

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Wed, 2010/07/07 - 12:49am

I can't understand why C is more popular than C++. Surely, writing nicely contained objects with polymorphism allows one to write so much more logical and so much more complex code. Javascript might be losing popularity because it's written for you when you use Ajax systems like GWT. I wish Scala was a little more popular. Weird and kind of disturbing how Martin resists adding proper break/continue constructs.

Oliver Weiler replied on Thu, 2010/07/08 - 5:02am

@Mike P It's easy to explain:

1) C is much more easier/faster to learn than C++.

2) A lot of libraries written in C exist (though these could be easily used in C++ programs).

3) C is predominant when it comes to open source projects (though C++ is gaining ground).

4) You can imitate oo in C (though this is total BS IMO - if you want oo, use C++).


Instant Tax Sol... replied on Thu, 2011/08/04 - 11:57am

I agree of the latest chart,  these days java is very papular, but is it justified? I don’t believe so. Unfortunately, people who state that Java’s dead are not the people who use the latest Java technologies day in and day out. -Instant Tax Solutions

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