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Java SE 7 Update Includes First Delivery of JDK and JavaFX for Mac OS X

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The 4th update for Java SE 7 was released today.  It's the first Oracle SDK release for Mac OS X and its the first time that JavaFX 2.1 has been bundled with the JDK on Windows and Mac.

Along with this welcome news for Mac users, it was also announced that Java SE 7 Update 4 includes a brand new, next-gen Garbage Collection algorithm 'Garbage First (G1)'.  There's also a new version of the HotSpot JVM (version 23). This new version features some of the promised JRockit JVM feature convergence.

Oracle continues its quest to merge the best of JRockit and HotSpot.

Go check it out on your Mac now.


Sura Sos replied on Fri, 2012/04/27 - 9:44am

On Mac - This Installer is supported only on OS X Lion (10.7.0)

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Fri, 2012/04/27 - 10:35pm

I'm disappointed that, again, Java FX is not available for Linux. I happen to have been using Linux for Java development, exclusively, for over 13 years. I've got tools and scripts and tricks coming out of my ears. Going to another platform would completely handicap me. I happen to like UI development. And why are we seeing JavaFX available for the Mac now, and not Linux?

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