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Java EE 7 Schema Namespace Moving to

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The schema namespace for Java EE 7 APIs are moving from to now perhaps a more fitting You are encouraged to take a look at the latest Java EE 7 draft schemas at: (it is still a work in progress since as you know, Java EE 7 has not been finalized yet). Some of the updated schemas include:

  • application_7.xsd
  • application-client_7.xsd
  • connector_1_7.xsd
  • ejb-jar_3_2.xsd
  • javaee_7.xsd
  • jsp_2_3.xsd
  • javaee_web_services_1_4.xsd
  • javaee_web_services_client_1_4.xsd
  • web-app_3_1.xsd
  • web-common_3_1.xsd
  • web-fragment_3_1.xsd
  • web-facelettaglibrary_2_2.xsd
  • web-facesconfig_2_2.xsd

Independent consultant, ardent Java EE advocate and long-time JCP expert Antonio Goncalves had this to say about the change - "technically changing a namespace is not difficult, so this is not a major Java EE 7 technical update. But it's a symbol. For many years we were wondering what would happen to namespaces. Most of us thought it would be renamed to But no, it went back to where it originally belonged, to the JCP. Lately the JCP has moved towards greater transparency (i.e. and having the JCP namespaces strenghens this move."

Note, not all API namespaces will be updated right away since some APIs are not changing in Java EE 7. For example, JAX-WS will likely not be updated. All the older namespaces will continue to be maintained for backwards compatibility.

Now is the time to share your views. Here is the relevant EG discussion:

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Grzegorz Grzybek replied on Mon, 2013/02/25 - 12:33am


Great move! And nice-looking summary page of all namespaces! Of course JAXB/JAXWS namespaces won't change - are there any plans for those in JavaEE8+?

My suggestions for the table (additional columns):

  • JCP link (e.g. for web-app_3_1.xsd) where appropriate
  • Maven coordinates when there's Maven artifact

regards Grzegorz Grzybek

Reza Rahman replied on Mon, 2013/02/25 - 11:35am

There are no plans to update JAXB or JAX-WS that I know of. However, that does not necessarily mean the schema could not be updated if people want it. It's best to let your preference be known directly via the Java EE EG user alias (open to all): The same is true of the request to add the additional links :-).

All spec project dependencies are put into Maven via the GlassFish project. Here are the early Maven coordinates that are already available: Beyond that, what's the point of adding just the schemas into Maven? What's the use case? Are there any existing projects that do this? It's certainly not hard to do if there's actually a compelling need.

Reza Rahman | Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist
All views voiced are my own, not necessarily Oracle's.

Grzegorz Grzybek replied on Mon, 2013/02/25 - 12:26pm


I was thinking about API Jars artifacts. Not XSDs. I know there's "catch-all" JAR for javaee, but there are also separate JARs e.g. for servlets or JCA.

Reza Rahman replied on Mon, 2013/02/25 - 1:02pm in response to: Grzegorz Grzybek

The separate API jars are also available via GlassFish. Please check the Maven coordinates referenced in the previous post as well as the existing Java EE 6 jars already published in Maven central repositories.

Reza Rahman | Java EE/GlassFish Evangelist
All views voiced are my own, not necessarily Oracle's.

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