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Java EE 7 Celebrations at the Nanjing JUG

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The newly minted Nanjing JUG held their very first meeting on August 24th - and what a way to start!

As part of the Make the Future Java EE 7 Global Celebrations, they hosted a special all-day event (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) focused on all things EE. The event was held at the Nanjing University and organized by the local Java community (with a bit of generous help in the background from Anissa Lam of the GlassFish team :-)). Amazingly, 40+ people attended the inaugural event and 20+ Java EE 7 T-shirts were given away. Below are the six sessions presented:

  • Understanding Java EE 7 - Tang Yong
  • JSR 343 (JMS 2.0) - Jie Wu
  • Difference on JPA 2.x and JPA 1.0 Performance - FengJi
  • Java Concurrency - Xiaoming He
  • Java ClassLoader Read World Practice
  • GlassFish community in China - Jeremy Lv

All the slides are available here and the details of the event are posted here. Lei Lv from Oracle Nanjing attended the event and delivered the closing speech.

Good show Nanjing JUG and keep up the good work!

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