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ItsNat 1.0 is out with Extreme Mashups, Full Remote Control, Remote Templates and IE 9 SVG

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ItsNat v1.0 is the result of several years of investigation, development and refinement to provide a flexible, simple and powerful tool for development of web applications and sites intensive on AJAX. This release leverages even more this flexibility and power with features like Extreme Mashups, Full Remote Control and Remote Templates.

This is a summary of new features:

* Added <script> based client/server communication for events besides AJAX.

* Extreme Mashups (a.k.a. attached server documents): any page loaded by a browser with any technology can be sent to the server, created an ItsNatDocument with  this markup and processed like a normal ItsNat template. Useful for web mashups (alongside CommMode.SCRIPT* modes) or to leverage with AJAX old web applications/sites.


* Remote Templates: now the source of templates can be any remote URL or a template source managed by a user defined TemplateSource object. This feature
opens ItsNat to build sophisticated front ends/proxies/filters of any web pplication/site. An example of Google Search modified on demand is provided.


* Full Remote Control: now attached clients can register event listeners and send events to the server, the client owner of the document (the client which loaded
the document) is basically the same as attached clients in full remote control mode. In brief several users/clients can access to the same document. A new
parameter itsnat_read_only (set to false) configures this mode.


* File uploading based on AJAX using iframes (new ItsNatHTMLIFrame component).

* New browsers supported:

  - Internet Explorer v9 (preview 3) as a true W3C browser including SVG support
    (embedded on XHTML and pure SVG).
  - SVGWeb 2010-04-09 "Dracolisk"
  - Opera Mini 5.1 works fine (nothing specific)

See the complete list here

Web: http://www.itsnat.org
Online demo: http://www.innowhere.com:8080/itsnat/
GAE demo: http://itsnatfeatshow.appspot.com
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Jose Maria Arranz replied on Fri, 2010/07/23 - 5:25am

I've removed temporally the distribution file, will be back in a few moments.


Jose Maria Arranz replied on Fri, 2010/07/23 - 6:21am

The distribution file is back, good downloads.


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