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It's All About Perception: How to Make Mobile Sites Feel Faster

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A new article from Mobify takes an interesting look at the importance of mobile site performance, not in terms of actual, measurable speed, but in terms of its perception by users. It's broken down into four sections, each of which covers a different concept:

   1.   Touch States
   2.   Momentum Scrolling
   3.   Performant Animations
   4.   Natural Gestures

The sections also provide helpful animations, resources and a couple of brief lines of code, which provide a great groundwork for implementing some simple and user-friendly changes to your mobile site. Momentum scrolling, for example, is common on mobile devices today, and touch states are a hard feature to disagree with; everybody loves immediate feedback. In other words, the article provides quick ways to make very noticeable changes to your mobile site without much investment of time or resources.

As they become more common, it's easy to take user-friendly features--support for natural gestures, for example--for granted, but it's not until you try to pinch-zoom and can't do it that the importance becomes clear.

Check out the full article here if you're looking for some ideas on how to keep your site feeling as fast as it should.