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Intuive MVC Pattern for Ajax Applications

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ZK 3.6.1 released recently. ZK is a Direct RIA framework to increase developer’s productivity by integrating frontend and backend of applications transparently to deliver rich, and engaging user experience.

The main focus of ZK 3.6.1 was on bug-fixing, with over 47 bugs fixed. In addition to the host of bugs eradicated 20 new features have been added, including a debug mode for unit-testing and MVC enhancement!

Features Highlights:

  • MVC pattern enhanced.
  • Use Component ID as UUID for unit test.
  • A way to delay databinding behaviors.

Intuive MVC Pattern

Using ZK 3.6.1, the developer has easier access to the Cotroller by using a generic variable called ($composer). Developers can define required resources inside the Controller and access them easier.


<window id="win" width="300px" apply="MyController">
<grid model="win$composer"/>
<button id="btn"/>


public class MyController extends GenericForwardComposer {
Window win;
Button btn;
DataModel model = new DataModel();

public DataModel getModel() {
return mode;

public void btn$onClick(){
win.setTitle("Hi ZK!");

ZK programming is all about event handling and UI components manipulation. To make MVC programming easier, we have made the interaction between controller and view easier.

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