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An Interview with PhoneGap Refcard Author Raymond Camden

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Today we're releasing our Getting Started with PhoneGap Refcard, authored by Adobe developer evangelist and DZone MVB Raymond Camden. Raymond was previously featured as a DZone Dev of the Week, and we spoke with him again to talk a little bit about his background and the PhoneGap Refcard. 


This Refcard serves as an introduction to PhoneGap, and is intended for experienced developers who have a basic conceptual grasp of mobile app development.

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DZone: Hi Ray; thanks for speaking with us today. Could you tell us a little bit about your professional background and how it contributed to your writing of the PhoneGap Refcard?

Raymond Camden: I've been in web development for quite some time, but I was incredibly excited to discover I could re-use my web skills for mobile. I first started playing with PhoneGap about two years ago and have had a lot of fun building apps with it.

DZone: Briefly explain why this Refcard is a must-have resource for developers working with PhoneGap. 

Raymond Camden: I hope that this Refcard will give folks a quick overview and, well, a "feel" for what the PhoneGap platform is like. Until you actually see it in action--see what the code is like--you really have no idea how powerful it is.

DZone: What do you think are the most common problems developers face when dealing with PhoneGap? 

Raymond Camden: The most difficult issue is debugging and tuning. Luckily there are some good solutions for that.

DZone: Tell us about an interesting project you are working on now. 

Raymond Camden: I'm currently working on a site called JavaScript Cookbook. I built this as a way to help collect tips and tricks for common JavaScript issues. I'm hoping to get more contributions as time goes on.

DZone:  Please recommend some more resources for readers looking to learn about PhoneGap. 

Raymond Camden: I mention some resources in the Refcard, of course. I know that myself, and other folks, have been doing many talks on PhoneGap. I'd recommend checking the PhoneGap events calendar to see if there's something near you.

DZone: Thanks, Ray!