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To inject or not to inject: CDI is the question

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Two weeks ago I did a little tour around several JUGs and conferences to talk about dependency injections with CDI. The final goal of this road movie was to end up at GeeCon in Krakow. It was my second time at GeeCon and I have to say that this conference is like good wine : getting better with age. This community based conference is on its third edition and attracts people through out central and eastern Europe. Plenty of good speakers, nice location, skilled attendees… and a lot of fun (GeeCon organizers are party addicts). So make sure you mark this conference into your agenda for next year.

In the meantime, I have made my slides available. Enjoy and do not hesitate to send me some feedback.


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Fab Mars replied on Thu, 2011/05/26 - 7:50pm

To inject or not to inject: is that really a question?

I mean...I don't know anyone who went to CDI and looked back :)

Reza Rahman replied on Thu, 2011/05/26 - 9:15pm

Good job - nice slide deck. It would be good to add testing (perhaps via Arquillian) as well as plug-ins like Seam, Apache MyFaces CODI.

Henk De Boer replied on Fri, 2011/05/27 - 2:46pm

It's almost not a question anymore. I remember the discussions we saw in the mid 90-ties: to use objects or not to use them. It's barely a question these days and simply a given for the bulk of software development.

For Java EE 6, CDI is wonderful, but the current overlap with JSF managed beans and partly with EJB beans can be a little confusing and is definitely an area that's still open to improvement.

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