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Improving Software Quality Using Component Lifecycle Management with Jenkins

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A few weeks ago, a few of us joined the Jenkins community at the Jenkins User Conference 2012 in San Francisco. Our presentation “Improving Software Quality Using Component Lifecycle Management with Jenkins” given by Manfred Moser, was very well attended and there seemed to be a lot of interest. A video of our presentation has now been posted here and you can download the slides as well.

Have Jenkins (or Hudson) up and running, and want to give Insight for CI plugin a try? The plugin is available in the plugin center and easy to install and configure. — Just add a post build step and configure it to scan (e.g. your build output war file). Get the plugin.

Summary and component results are completely free and will give you a very good indication of the security and license issues (or better their absence) of your software. We’ve even got you covered for manual scans – have a try with Insight App Health Check.

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