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If You Could Only Learn 3 Languages - RESULTS

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After about three weeks I finally have the results for the Learn-Only-3-Languages survey.  The sample size was really great.  I got about 2,300 responses to the survey!

Unsurprisingly, you'll find Java towering above the other languages.  The 2nd and 3rd place languages were JavaScript and Python.  It confirms that a lot of developers believe Python will be one of the dominant languages of the future.  I was surprised that PHP was so far down on the rankings, given its ubiquity on the web.  Anyway, enough of what I think.  Let's see what you think:


Nils Kübler replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 7:13am

Why did you put JavaScript and Actionscript together?

Mister Potes replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 7:24am

How about the (anonymized) data as a downloadable CSV?

Philippe Lhoste replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 8:09am in response to: Nils Kübler

They should have named this "ECMAScript" instead...

Kasper Hansen replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 8:22am

I'm surprised only 1,595 of 2,300 have Java as one of the languages, since this is a java community.. What language did the ones who didn't choose Java - what is the trend?

Alexander Shirkov replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 9:25am in response to: Philippe Lhoste

Technically yes, but they're different in syntax and have different field of use.

Jay Huang replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 9:45am

It's a very interesting result but again the poll is from Java community.  It also indicates that most Java programers are sever side programmers since there is not really much space for Java on desktop or on the web. With the announcement of Google Chrome Web Store, I think that more developers will spend more time on HTML5, JavaScript and ActionScript, just like Java developers jumping into Android.  It's really sad that Java Store just died silently.

Endre Varga replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 1:36pm in response to: Kasper Hansen

Well, the poll asked for 3 languages, so it is more surprising is that Java is _over_ 33% (that would mean that every participant selected Java and any two other languages)

Byron Palmer replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 4:14pm

I think the question that needs to be asked is what was the audience for this poll. If it really was Java developers then 30% do not think Java should be one of the three languages. If it was a cross section of all developers then I could easily believe that 30% would not think it was important. So please answer the question of the audience. This should have been paired with a question as to what is the person's primary language. But that makes analysis more difficult.

For those who have difficulty with math, the total of all the languages is 300% as each of the three language choices were added into the sum.

Geertjan Wielenga replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 6:45pm in response to: Jay Huang

there is not really much space for Java on desktop

Yeah, there's not much space... except in defense... and in banking... and in oil... and in bioinfomatics... and in healthcare... and in retail... and in... Oh, why not look at the evidence yourself.

Rajesh Pitty replied on Wed, 2010/12/08 - 11:33pm

didn expect ruby below scala

Alosh Bennett replied on Thu, 2010/12/09 - 12:26am

It would be interesting to repeat the survey after one year to see the trend.

Clinton Begin replied on Thu, 2010/12/09 - 10:59am

I clicked the link specifically to seen where ActionScript fell compared to JavaScript... sadly disappointed to see them combined. :-( I've recently seen this mistake made on a number of articles -- often posted at DZone. Perhaps a DZone article explaining the vast differences between ActionScript and JavaScript is in order? A. Shirkov is right to point out that not only are the languages different, but their field of use keeps them widely disparate as well.

Jaffa Wify replied on Tue, 2011/07/05 - 4:36am

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Jessie Mear replied on Wed, 2011/09/07 - 6:43am

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Bruce Jack replied on Wed, 2012/01/04 - 12:45am

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Paco Gliss replied on Mon, 2012/01/16 - 5:00am

I am a php developer. You ask me what language I would rather learn : I choose Java etc. But why the heck should I name php which I presently master ??? Your poll shows which languages developers might choose as a ***complementary*** or ***secondary*** language. It does not indicate which languages are actually favored ! IMHO, Ffrey

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