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I’m Too Stupid for Java Store

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Finally I was approved for Sun’s Warehouse and the fun of uploading can begin! Sun made a nice job for the Java Store. It looks good although not ready (the gray bar at the right side is what?). See for yourself:

But the procedure to submit my TimeFinder application was very awful!

  • So first I needed a short and a long description and several icons. Okay I wrote some description and used one bigger icon and scaled this down with gimp to produce the required sizes.
  • Next I needed a main jar file. (Why not a webstart jnlp file?)
  • So I installed a jar file (from one-jar) into the Java Store, but it does not start. No error messages.
  • Then I tried to reinstall it: it only says “you tried to install TimeFinder, which is already installed”. uhm
  • I think the sandbox stuff might be the problem. Ok, for that they linked to this and that document.
    But why should I read all the stuff if I already have a self signed webstart application?
  • Ok. Next I tried to create a new version with my signed jars (from ‘mvn clean install webstart:jnlp’). And what? Yes! I need to refill ALL text entries again. uhm. I thought I do not need this description again (because Sun had already saved this for me). Probably the most strange thing is that they do not allow you to copy and paste your old text! But hey – I am a developer, so I opened up the pure html and copied it from there.
  • Next for the signed version I have > 30 jars. At the end only 11MB (50 MB are allowed) but … no! I need to upload them separately and no parallel download, no. Only sequential. And the best thing: they will not be ordered by name. haha lol. I’am simply too stupid for that …
  • After adding all the jars: I couldn’t proceed with ‘next’. the button didn't react!
  • I relogged in and now the jars were uploaded, puh! But I wasn’t able to install the new version via Java Store: “You have tried to install TimeFinder, which is already installed”. And then I tried to submit, but “You must test launch your application at least once before submitting.” (For that I need to install it :-) ) Argh
    So, I wasn’t able to upload anything working to Java Store :-(

I do not understand why the developer should use the ugly webpages and the user can use the nice Java Store client? Why not merge front- and back-end to an ultimate "JavaStore"?

In the end: please make it a bit easier! At least for me ;-)

I know this is from developer for developer, but how should a normal “script kiddy” post its (JavaFX) apps there? E.g. why do you need to force that security stuff? If it is not signed you could simply warn the user. Or why not?

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b t replied on Tue, 2009/12/15 - 11:09am

Since you already installed your app for testing, you just need to uninstall your app via "javaws -uninstall" or you

can use preview! to test it. Yes, if your apps need to run outside of the sandbox - you need to sidn it :-)

Peter Karussell replied on Tue, 2009/12/15 - 12:25pm

Thanks! See the full question, answer and installation details on karussell

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