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Hudson moves to Github! We’re not Forking Around!

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First, I’d like to address some misinformation. The use of Github itself was never an issue. It was how the original movement of the sources to Github was executed, and why, that created tension. Github is just a tool and it is a better choice for source control, at least in the short term, for several reasons:

  • Rich REST API: Good for IDE and tooling integration and will allow some cool workflows which can empower contributors.
  • Known quantity: Developers are very familiar with Github and its workflows. It’s easy for developers to interact with us by forking, making modifications, and submitting pull requests.
  • Git repositories are available over HTTPS which makes collaboration at larger organizations easier.
  • SVN interoperability: There are still many developers who are comfortable with their SVN tool chain and Github makes working with Git and SVN simultaneously a possibility

We proposed using Github on the Hudson list, and in short order agreement was reached and the move was initiated. Winston did the infrastructure work last night to push the sources for Hudson over to Github. It was really that Simple. It’s amazing how smoothly things go when you clearly communicate your intentions to all stakeholders. We hope to keep improving the infrastructure for Hudson so if you’re interested please join the Hudson Dev list!

You can also keep track of Hudson developments by following us on Twitter!



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Zqudlyba Navis replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 3:24am

What caused the Hudson/Jenkins fork ?
Could it be that Oracle couldn't stand Khosuke making money off the original Hudson ?

Puck Goodfellow replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 3:36am

I understand that the Jenkins community is shying away from the Hudson project owned by Oracle.

Oracle is consolidating his code source repository and limit the writing access to it, including Hudson. Does it means that Oracle is making an exception for this project? How curious... is it related to the fork Jenkins - Hudson?





Michal Hlavac replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 5:00am

Jason, why sonatype supports hudson instead of jenkins?


Gilberto Olimpio replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 7:36am

Oracle Senior VP of Tools and Middleware Ted Farrell:

Oracle's goal is to grow the community and make hudson stronger. You all might not be aware of this, but the actual hudson user base is very large. Much bigger than what you see on the mailing lists or in the forums. The unfortunate part of that is how many of these users do not contribute to the core, and do not participate in these discussions. They want to do that, but don't feel like they can be heard. We want them to be heard. We need to make the hudson community a place that will welcome all the hudson users and encourage its growth and longevity. We will be announcing some changes in the upcoming weeks that we believe will foster that.

For now, however, we are going to stay on the infrastructure. We believe it is important for hudson to stay connected with the rest of the the java community, as well as take advantage of some of the cool changes we will have coming to Moving to GIT can be done while staying on It is not a requirement to move to github.


Because it is open source, we can't stop anybody from forking it. We do however own the trademark to the name so you cannot use the name outside of the core community. We acquired that as part of Sun. We hope that everyone working on hudson today will do as they claim to want, and work with us to make hudson stronger.

Doesn't matter "to stay connected with the rest of the Java community" anymore. It's good to move to github. Very convenient. What a joke!!!

John J. Franey replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 12:39pm in response to: Michal Hlavac

Not an answer to your question, just a personal observation. I don't speak for Sonatype, Oracle or Jenkins... What came to my mind were two groups of people, each under their own flag, one for Jenkins, one for Hudson. "I'm for Jenkins!", "I'm for Hudson!", and "You should be in Hudson!", "Why are you NOT in Jenkins?!" being yelled between the two groups under their flags. What's funny: they are all standing on the same hill.

Guido Amabili replied on Wed, 2011/02/16 - 3:10pm


Good for you that you can communicate your intentions so clearly with all the stakeholders. Too bad for us Maven is such a big mess...... (not verified) replied on Fri, 2011/02/18 - 6:51am

Guido, you haven't communicated much in your message.

What are the problems in Maven that make it a big mess?

Are there some that you tried to solve as a contributor? If not, Maven being a mess, why use it? May be because it has more advantages than problems.

Let's give credit where credit is due, we don't need a war to be winners

Jessie Mear replied on Wed, 2011/09/07 - 6:42am

But now the remaining developers on the original Hudson project, which include Oracle and Maven specialists Sonatype, have voted to move the Hudson project to Github. java programmers

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