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How to Write a PhoneGap 3.0 Plugin for Android

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A recent post from Holly Schinsky at Devgirl's Weblog provides a thorough, well-organized and in-depth tutorial on how to create a PhoneGap 3.0 plugin for Android. After PhoneGap 3.0's release in July, a number of things have changed compared to earlier versions--Schinsky covers these changes in an earlier post--and her tutorial aims to update plugin creation for this new architecture. The post is split into four parts:

  • How to write the native Java interface
  • How to write the JavaScript interface
  • How to create your plugin according to the the plugin specification
  • How to implement your plugin

The pieces of the tutorial that have been updated for 3.0 are individually noted, which makes changes easy to track, and the post is peppered with helpful side-notes and warnings alongside the bulk of the information. Check out the full post if you're interested in PhoneGap 3.0 plugins for Android.