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How to Start Multiple WebLogic Managed Servers

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The WebLogic Server docs recommend you to create a dedicated admin server and then separate managed servers for application deployment. Here I will show you how to create one or more managed server in the same host as the admin server.

I assume you already have WLS installed with your own domain created and running. If you haven't done this before, you may refer to my previous blog on how to create and start WLS. After you started your domain (that's the default admin server), then follow these steps.

1. Login into your http://localhost:7001/console webapp.
2. On the right menu tree, click Environment > Servers. You should see "myserver(admin)" already listed.
3. Click "New" button, enter Server Name: appserver and set Server Listen Port: 7002
4. Click "Next" and then "Finish"
5. Now open a new terminal and run these commands: 
  cd mydomain
  bin/ appserver1 localhost:7001

You would need to enter the username and password, same as for your /console webapp. After this managed server is up and running you may send the process in the background by pressing CTRL+Z and then run bgcommand. Or you may use the servers/appserver/security/ file to bypass the user/password prompt on every restart of this managed server.

Now you have one managed server started along with your admin server. After this you may start deploying application onto this managed server. All the webapp deployed would now accessable by its assigned port such as http://localhost:7002/yourwebapp url. You may repeat the same for however number of managed server you like to run on the same host. Try to name your server name and port number unique.

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Rama Raju Vatsavai replied on Wed, 2014/03/19 - 6:49pm

Thank you for the post. I have a couple of questions though:

- Before installing the managed nodes, I access the application using http://localhost:7001. But, after installing managed nodes on 7002 and 7003, can I still access the same URL and be assured that the load is now divided across the managed nodes?

- When I access the managed node using http://localhost:7002, I am actually accessing ONLY the managed node right? In which case it doesn't serve the purpose of having multiple nodes. Please correct if I am missing anything here.

Zemian Deng replied on Wed, 2014/03/19 - 10:44pm in response to: Rama Raju Vatsavai

Hi Rama,

You are right that if you hit direct 7002 port then you are accessing the managed server directly. If you want to deploy the same application onto multiple managed servers, then you probably want to create these managed servers as a cluster instead. When you use Cluster mode, WebLogic automatically replicate certain resources such as your HTTP session data etc. And to fully take advantage of clustered applications and distribute the load, you would need to configure either a WebLogic proxy plugin-ins or an external harware balancer to divide requests to each of the managed node.

You can read more on WebLogic clustering here:


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