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How SolrCloud Changes the User Experience in a Sharded Environment

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 The video above focuses on a new feature of Solr called SolrCloud, and its impact on the design of Solr-based search apps.

 The next major release of Solr (4.0) will include "SolrCloud", which provides new distributed capabilities for both in-house and externally-hosted Solr installations. Among the new capabilities are: Automatic Distributed Indexing, High Availability and Failover, Near Real Time searching and Fault Tolerance. This talk will focus, at a high level, on how these new capabilities impact the design of Solr-based search applications primarily from infrastructure and operational perspectives.

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Fahmeed Nawaz replied on Tue, 2012/06/12 - 10:36am

How can i wrote this query with JAVA API ?

SQL: select count(*) from Tab where name='a' ;

mongoDB it is : db.Tab.find({ 'name': a' } ).count();

Any help plz ??

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