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How to Migrate Magento to MongoDB

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This set of slides from MongoDB on SlideShare discusses how to migrate Magento - a popular open-source eCommerce platform that works with mySQL by default - to MongoDB.

The presentation offers a number of reasons to make such a switch - scalability issues, and ease of working with raw data, among others - and there will certainly be criticisms as well, such as hesitance regarding MongoDB and JOINs (though some don't agree that there is an issue). Either way, it's an interesting idea:



Hendy Irawan replied on Wed, 2013/11/27 - 2:17am

JOINs are the lesser of our worries. 2 years ago we went full steam with MongoDB for e-commerce. Our biggest problems was transactional integrity (the ACID thing all over again). We've learned from it, the way to go is polyglot. Now the sweet spot is all transaction/inventory/money-related stuff are using PostgreSQL, while the general stuff (products, categories, etc.) are in MongoDB. If you go polyglot, you're pretty sure you'd overcome JOIN issues yourself (as they're nonexistent).

Usman Kokab replied on Wed, 2014/02/12 - 2:29am

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