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"How do you estimate on an Agile project?" by Martin Folwer and ThoughtWorks

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If you’re interested in techniques for estimation, you should take a look at this pdf ebook. It contains half-a-dozen essays on estimating in agile projects, drawn from our experiences with a wide range of clients. We explain approaches based on story points and on story counting, which should give you a good overview for you to explore an approach that will work for you.

(Free Estimation Ebook)

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Ian Mitchell replied on Sun, 2013/05/05 - 2:54am

This is a nice e-book, and is an absorbing read as well as a handy reference. Whichever estimation method is chosen, I think it's important to emphasise the benefits of keeping stories as small as possible whilst still reflecting user value. Some of the teams I work with don't allow stories with point sizes greater than 13 into their Sprint Backlog. This improves flow rate and makes it more likely that any discrepancies will average out. It also encourages a deeper team analysis of the requirements.

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