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Hadoop, Mahout, R and Lucene/Solr on One Cloud Platform

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Some more cool news has come out of this week's Lucene Revolution conference related to their theme of 'Solr's not just for search, it's for analytics.  In addition to their Solr-as-a-Service cloud search platform, which is basically LucidWorks Enterprise on the cloud, Lucid Imagination has now announced the beta release of LucidWorks Big Data.

LucidWorks Big Data is a Solr-based stack as an analytics platform that includes Hadoop, Mahout, R and Lucene/Solr (of course).  Specifically developers can use it for search, machine learning, recommendation engines and more.

From the PR:

With LucidWorks Big Data, Lucid Imagination equips technologists and business users with the ability to initially pilot Big Data projects utilizing technologies such as Apache Lucene/Solr, Mahout and Hadoop, in a cloud sandbox. Once satisfied, the project can remain in the cloud, be moved on premise or executed within a hybrid configuration.  This means they can avoid the staggering overhead costs and long lead times associated with infrastructure and application development lifecycles prior to placing their Big Data solution into production.

    •    Combines the real time, ad hoc data accessibility of LucidWorks (Lucene/Solr) with compute and storage capabilities of Hadoop
    •    Delivers commonly used analytic capabilities along with Mahout’s proven, scalable machine learning algorithms for deeper insight into both content and users
    •    Tackles data, both big and small with ease, seamlessly scaling while minimizing the impact of provisioning Hadoop, LucidWorks and other components
    •    Supplies a single, coherent, secure and well documented REST API for both application integration and administration
    •    Offers fault tolerance with data safety baked in
    •    Provides choice and flexibility, via on premise, cloud hosted or hybrid deployment solutions
    •    Is tested, integrated and fully supported by the world's leading experts in open source search.
    •    Includes powerful tools for configuration, deployment, content acquisition, security, and search experience that is packaged in a convenient, well-organized application

The product is now available in beta. To sign up for inclusion in the beta program, go here