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Getting Started With UML Refcard: A Desktop Reference for Software Design

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DZone just released my latest refcard today, which aims to provide developers with a useful desktop reference to UML.  I think that UML is a topic that fits very neatly into the Refcard series. While most software developers have a good working knowledge of UML, sometimes I forget the small details; for example which symbol is aggregation, and which is composition? I hope that this card will help you with these types of issues.

You'll notice that that refcard is missing a reference for one type of diagram: Timing Diagrams. Originally I had written a section about these, but Refcardz have a limited space, so I dropped them. I will provide that content as a seperate article, in case anyone is interested. I'm not sure how much timing diagrams are really used in practice though. At least, I've never had a reason to use them.

When it comes to usage, I find that use case, class and sequence are the three most popular types of UML diagram in software development. Would you agree with this? 


Franklin Ike replied on Mon, 2010/08/23 - 11:06am

Just had a look. Great RefCard. Great Job James. I generally love DZone RefCardz. Its always very useful when your in between jobs, interviewing or just need a quick reference rather than scrolling through massive programming books.

James Sugrue replied on Mon, 2010/08/23 - 4:38pm in response to: Franklin Ike

Thanks Franklin :)

Andreas Pokrzywinski replied on Wed, 2010/08/25 - 7:56am


I do not agree with text under figure 11. Providing and  Requiring a interface does not say anything about dependancy between the components.

 However, the ref is good.




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