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Further Configuration on JBoss AS7

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Ok, so getting the datasources straightened out was not like differentiating a quadratic equation, but it was just a bunch of painful drudgery. A lot of it was slop lying around that Tomcat was not concerning itself with, but JB7 was finding, and some of it was the crackpot eclipse cycle of having to clean and refresh, etc. every time you do a config change.

But that wasn‘t the end either. Our project uses eh-cache and we wasted almost another hour trying to make that work.

I'm actually really interested in using Infinispan for the cache..

But in the meantime, literally hours went in a hole fiddling around with the caching configuration. First, trying to set it to ehcache produced a slew of errors (mostly class crap). So we decided to try and go in the Infinispan direction. It didn‘t like the READ_WRITE annotation on entities. Started replacing those with TRANSACTIONAL. Boy, that was such fun. Finding every annotation in every project. Annotations can be kind of stupid, for things like this for instance. How is separation of concerns being honored here? What on earth does a cache policy have to do with the entity itself? But, finally, that all was working and hibernate was sufficiently satisfied that it rolled through all its crap. So we started making arrangements to pull in the fatted calf again. But it was not to be. We struggled for a while longer with a crazy casting error (of the Hibernate Session) that is done inside Lucene, it turns out. Then, alack, Pugachev‘s little ox cart ran aground after wandering the countryside with a simple proclamation: JB7 does not support Hibernate Search 3.

So the total amount of time now has officially reached kookie. Like, I could have probably ported a large amount of the code to 6 in this amount of time.

That said, I am far from soured on JB7. I am still really looking forward to it. I would warn any who are thinking of wandering into the woods with a 5-era project that has a significant number of dependencies, you may be down in the sewer a long time.



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Scott Marlow replied on Thu, 2011/07/21 - 10:11am

Thank you for sharing your feedback about your experience/pain in trying to port your application to AS7.  I think this is very valuable to the community, to better understand the challenges and what needs to be addressed.  

Click here for a good place to share migration tips (from earlier releases of AS to AS7).

This forum thread  suggests trying a recent engineering build of Hibernate Search (supports Hibernate 4).  The link to the Hibernate Search forum is also mentioned for reporting Search issues.

We have been working on jira AS7-566, which is about allowing Hibernate 3 JPA applications to deploy more easily on AS7.  As of last night, I was able to get a Hibernate 3 JPA application that contains the Hibernate 3 jars to deploy.  We are also working on support for a Hibernate 3 module to be dropped in but that is work in progress.  Some further refinements are being worked on in this area.

Please continue to communicate in the JBoss forums, file bug reports (jira's with test cases attached are always appreciated).  


Sirikant Noori replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 1:09pm

Can you please share your configuration for Infinispan + Hibernate + Jboss 7. I am running into the same problem as you are bunch of ClassNotFound errors. Your help will be great.

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