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Fluid UI - Wireframing for Android

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Fluid UI is an amazing online tool for wireframing that has support also for Android. You can easily build rapid prototypes with it. It even allows you to link the pages together and simulate the UI interactions.

While building you can easily jump into a simulation

It supports multiple display sizes so you can see how your layout looks on a tablet.

Try it yourself here: https://www.fluidui.com/editor
I'm impressed!
[Edit] And as if the web app wasn't enough they also have a mobile app you can put to your Android device and click through the prototypes there! Download the APK from here http://www.fluidui.com/android/ Login to the Fluid UI and you'll see a QR code that will open the mockup on your phone (my example would look better if I hadn't added the Android controls to it).
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Rakesh Kumar replied on Wed, 2012/07/25 - 1:53pm

Thats really amazing, in cuple of clicks you can see the UI of your android Application,  I feel this will be really a handy tool for freelancer and Companies who develop Android application.  This will give a clear insight how the application will look and feel before developing the actual project......



Cody A_ replied on Fri, 2012/07/27 - 1:22pm

No FF support? Isn't this a bit of an oversight?

Ian Hannigan replied on Sat, 2012/11/03 - 7:12am in response to: Cody A_

@cody A_ FF now supported - please let us know what you think. 

Ian Hannigan replied on Sat, 2012/11/03 - 7:14am in response to: Rakesh Kumar

@Rakesh - We are really happy that you like it! Please let us know if there are some ways we can make it even better :)

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