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Fixing the Singleton

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When you ask people who know almost, but not completely nothing about patterns, about software design patterns, they probably bring up the singleton pattern. It’s extremely easy: Just make sure you have one single instance of a class.

If you ask more experienced developers about the singleton, they will probably tell you its bad and should be avoided.

What is so bad about the singleton that it fell from the heavon of patterns into the hell of anti patterns?

If you check the description of the singleton pattern in the Gang of Four book it talks about two characteristics of the singleton:

  • There can be only  a single instance
  • There is a central access point to that instance

And there really is nothing wrong about the first point. Sometimes you really can’t have more then one instance, but even if multiple instances don’t hurt, if they don’t give you any benefit (i.e. if they are stateless) you might as well reuse a single instance.

The problem is really with the central access point. This makes the singleton look and behave like a global variable. And how should we obtain our dependencies? Correct through Dependency injection.

So the next time you think: “Looks like a singleton to me”. Go ahead, create a singleton. But also create an interface which gets implemented by the singleton and make it very clear that nobody may use this singleton except via its interface and dependency injection through constructor.



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Sandeep Bhandari replied on Sun, 2012/01/29 - 12:12pm

Good tip there. By using the interface, we definitely have more control over singleton. Ways to Create Thread Safe Singleton

Steven Baker replied on Sun, 2012/01/29 - 9:24pm

I'm not sure if I agree with the interface part, but if you do put an interface in front of your singleton, I hope you make sure your singleton is threadsafe.

Senthil Balakrishnan replied on Mon, 2012/01/30 - 10:33am

Singleton by far is the highly used & most misused pattern of all. I am a bit lost on the interface part of it, reason being I have never came across a situation where a singleton exhibits polymorphic behavior. Generally they are very unique & don't fit into polymorphism. One good reason I can think of is, when unit testing injecting a mock would be piece of cake.

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