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The First Open Source Java Office Suite

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Today I'm launching a new project: Joeffice.

Joeffice will be the first open source office suite written in Java™.

The goals:

  • Demonstration that it's possible to write an office in Java in 30 days
  • It should be a great open source project to participate in
  • It should be one of the open source project with the most potential

The concepts:

  • Clean code
  • No hard coded English in the UI
  • Reuse existing libraries
  • 1 video a day for 30 days on how to develop it

The advantages:

  • Written in Java™
  • Released under the Apache License 2.0
  • The same version will work online and offline
  • Tabs and docking windows

And now the presentation of the project:

The video is also available in Full HD on YouTube

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Jonathan Fisher replied on Sun, 2013/04/28 - 4:27pm

You are crazy.

But good luck. Even if you fail, I think you'll still create something of value. 

Firman Drage replied on Sun, 2013/04/28 - 11:31pm

 Brilliant and good luck.

Jonathan Fisher replied on Thu, 2013/05/09 - 9:55am

Hey how's progress going on this?

Raging Infernoz replied on Sun, 2013/05/12 - 7:30pm

1 month will be /very/ optimistic, for just one coder let-alone several developers.  Office Apps are not simple and when you add i18n and other extras it could become rather more involved!  You will discover that there will be quite a learning curve even with libraries like Apache POI!  The GUI will be interesting to design and code.

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