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Using JasperServer Enterprise Edition: My Experiences

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It has been a while since I posted Experience: JasperServer Enterprise Edition Version – Part 01, here we move forward with the second and final part. Here we'll cover: 

  • IReport Profesional Edition 3.7.0
  • JasperAnalysis 3.7

Please be aware that there are ultimate guides for each JasperReports and JasperServer.

IReport Profesional Edition 3.7.0

This ebook has more than 330 pages where you can learn concepts and gain quick experience. It provides documentation about licences, a list of features of iReport from 3.5 to 3.7, the three programming languages used by JasperReport (Java, JavaScript and Groovy), installation of iReport (even for Mac OSX), how to work with DataSources like JDBC and Hibernate, and many images to give you a better understanding. Some useful information is available on the SQL Query Designer. There is also instructions for the creation of reports, how to work with templates, a detailed explanation of many of the report elements like Images, Text and others. There is also, importantly, a chapter dedicated to Subreports. The same attention is given to Subdatasets and Crosstabs.

There are many Charts and Flash Charts. You'll learn how to work with Maps and, even better, Widgets!

  • Angular Gauge
  • Linear Gauge
  • Bulb
  • Cylinder
  • Piramyd
  • Funnel
  • Horizontal Bullet
  • Vertical Bullet
  • Horizontal Led
  • Vertical Led
  • Spark Column
  • Spark Like
  • Spark Win/Loss
  • Thermometer
  • Gantt chart!!!

Figure: Widget Types

There is also an nteresting component called Barcode4J.

Figure: Barcode4J

This ebook is more technically oriented, therefore you must do your own experiments. Bear in mind that you can access JasperServer from iReport.

JasperAnalysis 3.7

This valuable software is closely related with On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) and is oriented mostly for Technical Business Analysts. Here, JasperAnalysis compares and contrasts the quantitative data (measures) among a set of categories (dimensions). You can work with OLAP Schema, Cubes, Dimensions and Measures and Facts.

Be aware that JasperAnalysis extends the JasperServer reporting web application to provide OLAP features like:

  • Browser based OLAP interactive views called analysis views
  • OLAP objects are managed in JasperServer's repository, including browser based maintenance and object level security
  • JasperServer reports can use JasperAnalysis connections and MDX as a basis for report data, gaining access to JasperAnalysis scalability and advanced calculations
  • XML/A services: Clients such as Excel can run MDX queries against JasperAnalysis cubes through the XML/A web services protocol. Jaspersoft ODBO Connect allows Excel Pivot Table connections to JasperAnalysis cubes via XML/A.

With JasperAnalysis you can:

  • Define a Data Source in JasperServer
  • Create and Upload an OLAP Schema
  • Create a Mondrian Connection
  • Create a XML/A Connection

In the Ultimate Guide you can see step-by-step instructions and images to help you through each process. The most important one is all about Analysis. You have a chapter dedicated to this. You have an important Tool Bar to let you Display your data for an analysis through Tables and Charts, you can manipulate these to customize your data presentation, work with Cubes, and even export them to PDF or excel formats.

This is an important software that is mandatory for decision making in Enterprise Business. Be aware that you will need a lot of practice with Cubes, Dimensions, etc. This is complex for its own nature.

Jasperserver External Authentication 3.7

In addition to all the Ultimate Guides available, there is also a Cookbook.

It is based mostly on theory and discusses concepts and explanations of the process of Authentication for many types like:

LDAP Authentication (Configuration to work with Microsoft Active Directory available )

CAS Authentication

Bear in mind again that you will need a lot of practice with these appliations. 

Many thanks to JasperSoft for giving me free licenses for these very interesting and powerful applications. Eternal gratitude for you!

Read part one here.

Read the original poston my blog

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Manuel Jordan.

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Paul Web replied on Wed, 2011/10/12 - 8:57pm

We've been using JasperSoft's Ireport for almost 6 months now and find it an invaluable reporting tool. The charting widget is so easy and straightforward to use that my weekly reports are a snap. Not to mention that the higher-ups prefer seeing graphical data and not just plain numbers-based reports.

Paul - Dedicated Server Hosting UK

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