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End of Spring vs EJB wars in sight?

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Tonight I watched a video of Rod Johnson doing a presentation on Spring 2.5 at Google. He said that Spring 3.0 will be an EJB 3.1 Lite compatible container so that the Spring Application Platform can get the Java EE 6 Web Profile certification if the expert group chooses to include it in Web Profile. Spring will also be a full featured EJB 3.1 implementation for use in the WebLogic application server. The Java EE 6 expert group has polled the community and it seems that most developers want the larger Web Profile which includes EE 6 technologies intended for the web. I wonder if the expert group has decided which Web Profile proposal to use, and whether or not JSF + Web Beans will be included? In Rod's video he mentioned that the design of Spring 2.5's dependency injection annotations are based on lessons learned from EJB 3.0's @Resource and Google's Guice. I am interested in knowing his thoughts on Web Beans annotations which is also third generation, and if Spring will become an implementation of it.

Anyway, I think this news is a BIG DEAL for EJB, as much as JPA was. If Java EE 6 Web Profile includes EJB 3.1 Lite and Spring is an EJB 3.1 container without requiring addons, then developers might choose to use the JSR standard annotations and XML over implementation specific ones for all of their work. This will be even more desirable if Java EE 6 Web Profile includes Web Beans and Spring has built-in support for that too. In the video Rod encouraged developers to use EJB's @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations because they are standardized and Spring has built-in support for them. This could be the end of Spring vs EJB wars.

Look at what JPA (from EJB 3.0 expert group) did to the industry. Today many developers prefer to code using JPA standardized annotations and XML configuration by default, and only use implementation specific features where JPA is lacking until the next revision of the standard comes out.

To learn about the many new features in EJB 3.1, read Reza Rahman's series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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John Denver replied on Fri, 2008/09/12 - 9:08pm

EJB 3.1 will rocks thats for sure but I like to have choices, I hope Spring and Mr.Rod come with something new or inovative so there still a choice.



Kenneth Mark replied on Sat, 2008/09/13 - 2:15am

Good to see a slow but healthy adopting of EJB. Personally I think java comunity did pay too much time discussing what vs what ...  endless war without any productive result.

John Denver replied on Sat, 2008/09/13 - 6:26am

Well the discussion of years of EJB vs Spring worked, EJB at last adopted the Spring model, Lightweight container, POJO's, profiles etc.

So I think Mr.Rod Johnson was right all the time.


George Jiang replied on Sat, 2008/09/13 - 9:13am

Is this a joke or something?

ramon wang replied on Tue, 2008/09/16 - 2:39am

If you are familiar with both of these projects, why shoud you argue which is much more better then the other?

Jeroen Wenting replied on Wed, 2008/09/17 - 3:13am

I've never seen this "Spring vs EJB war", I've only seen the harmonious combination of both technologies produce systems that either on its own could not.

Alessandro Santini replied on Mon, 2008/09/22 - 1:59pm

I believe that SpringSource's unfortunate and quite debatable license changes to the Spring framework are speeding up the adoption of EJB 3.1... :)

Jeroen Wenting replied on Tue, 2008/09/23 - 5:57am

Spring has been released under the APL 2 for a long time now.

Nothing wrong with that apart from a few GPL zealots not liking it (and IMO that's an advantage of any license that they don't like).

john green green replied on Sat, 2009/10/24 - 4:52am

I've never seen this "Spring vs EJB war", I've only seen the harmonious <a href="http://www.getagoodbuy.com">nike shoes UK</a> combination of both technologies produce systems that either on its own could not.

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