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Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Change Sets

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The last two days I have been looking at various ways that Eclipse assists developers when working with version control systems. First, we talked about highlighting local changes, then we discussed how to automatically synchronize with the version control system. Todays tip deals with Change Sets, which is the most useful feature in Eclipse for seeing real context behind changes in version control.

To view change sets, you can synchronize as normal but by making a few changes to your Synchronize view, everything looks brighter. 

First, go to the preferences dialog in the synchronize view and ensure change sets is visible for models: 

Next, choose the drop down list on the third button in the view's toolbar to choose change sets as your view: 



Once this is chosen you'll see all changes in the batches that they were committed in. The name of each change set will be whatever the author used as the commit comment, or if they explicitly create their own change set, it will use the change set title.


You can create your own change set by clicking on the changes in the synchronize view and choosing Add To> New Change Set.

Of course the neatest way of managing your change sets would be to use Mylyn, but we'll cover that in another article.

Using the change sets view while synchronizing automatically makes viewing the differences between your local workspace and CVS simple. 


Josh Marotti replied on Thu, 2010/07/08 - 10:41am

Wow, never really delved into the Sync/Team preferences.  This is great stuff!  Please keep going with the series!  Thanks!!

Yes, for projects that aren't mylyn (like my current client), this ends up being a good "poor man's sync view" of mylyn (assuming checkins are done in batches with decent comments).

Riccardo Cossu replied on Fri, 2010/07/09 - 5:28am in response to: Josh Marotti

Nice article, but I really wish I won't ever fall back anymore in a Project for which I cannot use Mylyn! I really got used to it and I don't how I could live without it! :-)

Mani Kumar replied on Fri, 2010/07/09 - 8:21am

Nice Article. I am using wincvs. can you explain how can we include the same file in two change sets? Is it possible? I was unable to do that. For suppose there is a bug #1 needs file1, file2, file5. bug#2 needs file1, file7, file8. How do we accomplish this. We can do this in perforce. Any thoughts on this.

James Sugrue replied on Sat, 2010/07/10 - 8:07am in response to: Mani Kumar

I don't think change sets work very well when you have the same file in two seperate tasks. It's definitely a limitation, and in that case, you would need to fix bug #1  before bug #2


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