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Effective Teamworking With Eclipse: Autosync With Version Control

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Over the course of your workday, you should find yourself synchronizing with your version control system frequently. After all, you need to see when somebody's made a change, and the sooner you know, the sooner you can integrate that change locally before committing. Once again, Eclipse has a really easy way to schedule your syncs.

Everything you need is on the Synchronize view (Window/Show View/Team/Synchronize). From there, you can synchronize which ever projects you want.

Click on the synchronize menu (highlighted in red below) and choose Schedule. Here you can set the frequency of the synchronization.

You can also use the Synchronize Preferences dialog to ensure that when you start up Eclipse, that the sync is triggered automatically.

Put this together with yesterday's tip and you have much better visibility into what's going on in version control vs your own workspace.
Tomorrows article will add a final piece that makes teamworking with Eclipse much easier.


Shubhashish Bhowmik replied on Sat, 2010/07/10 - 11:57am

hey thanks for this update. This will save my headache and few clicks for checking who has recently updated the file...

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