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EclipseLink: How to get the SQL translated with the arguments for a Query?

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The documentation at the EclipseLink Wiki is not very helpful:http://wiki.eclipse.org/EclipseLink/FAQ/JPA#How_to_get_the_SQL_for_a_Query.3F

It says: “To get the SQL translated with the arguments you need a DatabaseRecord with the parameter values.“.

// BEGIN Snippet from the Wiki
Session session = em.unwrap(JpaEntityManager).getActiveSession();
DatabaseQuery databaseQuery =
String sqlString = databaseQuery
// END Snippet from the Wiki

But where to get the recordWithValues variable? Actually the solution is hard to find, but simple: databaseQuery.getTranslationRow()

// This does the trick...
String sqlString = databaseQuery
// ... to replace the '?' 
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