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EasyCriteria 1.0 Released

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EasyCriteria is an open source tool to make the JPA Criteria code for any kind of JPA implementation easier . EasyCriteria has 100% of coverage on its tests with JUnit and it is tested with Hibernate, OpenJPA and EclipseLink.

If you want to understand the Criteria ideal and how to apply it to your code check this post: EasyCriteria – An easy way to use the JPA Criteria

The new EasyCriteria functionality includes:

  • Join with conditions
  • Query Pagination

Now it is possible to do a Join and add parameters to it:

EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();
EasyCriteria<Person> easyCriteria = EasyCriteriaFactory.createQueryCriteria(em, Person.class);
easyCriteria.innerJoin("dogs", Dog.class);
easyCriteria.whereJoinEquals("dogs", "name", "Dark");
easyCriteria.whereJoinStringNotIn("dogs", "name", names); // names is a List<String>
easyCriteria.whereJoinStringLike("dogs", "name", "M%");
easyCriteria.whereJoinListIsEmpty("dogs", "cars");
easyCriteria.whereJoinAttributeIsNull("dogs", "nickName");
easyCriteria.whereJoinStringBetween("dogs", "name", "A", "L");

The query can be paginated:

EasyCriteria<Dog> eascyCriteria = EasyCriteriaFactory.createQueryCriteria(getEntityManager(), Dog.class);

This new version also has 100% of code coverage.

Click here to download the code of this post with EasyCriteria. With this code you can test EasyCriteria as you like.

In the project page (http://easycriteria.uaihebert.com/) you will find all documentation.

If you have any doubt, just post it.





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Balint Persics replied on Mon, 2012/08/13 - 4:52am

I think a Builder Pattern or some overloaded methods could be better.





And I miss the API docs.

Besides of that, I think this is a very useful project, the API for JPA Criteria is not expressive. 

Hebert Coelho replied on Tue, 2012/08/14 - 11:13am

Hello Balint Persics,


You can do easyCriteria.setFirstResult(0).setMaxResults(5); without a problem.


Thanks for the suggestion.

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