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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/15)

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Live SO v. GitHub Programming Language Popularity Graph
That title pretty much sums it up.  I’m loving this site.  But remember that you have to mouse over the dots to see which language they represent.

Historical Trends of Flash Usage

These diagrams look at trends in Flash usage over the last year, as well as the current market position of Flash when compared to Silverlight, Java, and JavaScript.


Google to Shut Down Reader
Google announced Thursday that Reader would be deprecated on July 1. Some folks started a petition to save Reader, some folks claimed it was past time for it to be put out to pasture, and many alternative RSS readers struggled to keep up with the sudden and massive volume of traffic. The only truly appropriate reaction -- the only one that captured the confused range and depth of our feeling -- was a Hitler meme (This isn’t the same one that’s everywhere, it’s a better, lesser known one):

Netflix Is Serious About Building A Dev Community.  $200K Serious.
When you’re on the cutting edge of cloud and data persistence tech, there’s a fear that your tools and libraries may get so removed from the general developer community, that you’ll have nowhere to go when you run into a technological dead end.  That’s why Netflix really wants to build a developer community around the 24 projects it has open sourced on GitHub.  That’s what they’re pointing to as the reason for this contest.


Seating Configurations - Avoid Boring People

Here’s a fun infographic of various seating configurations and the optimal seat for avoiding being stuck talking to someone you don’t care for.