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Poll: Are We Polyglot Programmers?

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An excellent blogger, Dave Fecak (who recently became an MVB) gave me a good idea when he wrote his controversial post: Advice From A JUG Leader – Learn A Different Language

So how many in the developer ranks have already taken the initiative (or been forced) to learn multiple programming languages and use them to create non-trivial applications?  That's what you're about to find out when you finish this poll. 

BE HONEST!  Don't lie to yourself.  It's ok if you don't know more than 1 or 2 languages :)  Most people in the world know 0.


Dean Schulze replied on Fri, 2012/08/31 - 3:56pm

I recently did a search for a good cross-platform scripting language.  I decided to use Google's Go language.  It produces compiled binary executables, but its toolset and fast compile times allow it to be used like a scripting language too.

I've used Python for scripting utility applications in the past and it is an excellent language, but it is fragmented.  A 2.7 application usually won't run if a platform has 3.0 installed (or doesn't have Python installed at all).

The couple of small utility applications I've written with golang have left me very happy with it and I'm really looking forward to see what new features are added in future versions.

Liam Knox replied on Sun, 2012/09/02 - 6:24am

Thats you dont add any assembler is probably most of the other

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