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I am the founder and CEO of Catchpoint. The Catchpoint vision is to provide the best IT analytics & intelligence to help companies improve their end user performance, and keep an eye on their infrastructure and vendors. Before Catchpoint, I spent 10+ years at DoubleClick and Google, where I was responsible for Quality of Services, buying, building, deploying and using various internal and external monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the DART infrastructure delivering billions of transactions a day using throusands of servers, routers . . . HP Openview, Sitescope, SMARTS, Adlex, Coradiant, Gomez & Keynote are some of the products we used. Thus the interest of building something in this space! Mehdi is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 46 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

DevOps Roundup – July 11th to 20th

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Facebook Gives SPDY A Thumbs Up

Facebook engineer Doug Beaver shares in a W3 mailing post why Facebook endorses SPDY. He highlights cross-browser support as well as the ability to speed up communication between geographically distant web servers.


Can The Internet Drive You Crazy?

Newsweek Magazine reports the negative impacts of our new, highly connected world and theories towards “Internet induced psychosis”. Perhaps we should all take a step back and unplug for a moment.


Bing Bot Appears to Be Training For The Olympics (Bing Bot on Steriods)

John Levine built a link farm and paid attention to the web log only to find the Bing search bot querying the page at 10 hits per second.


Indoor Navigation with Earth’s Magnetic Field

Good news for navigating the indoors, Finnish engineers are using the Earth’s magnetic field as the new satellite or cellular based GPS, which cannot penetrate buildings very well. The application is set to have 0.1 – 2 m range of accuracy.


Mobile Caching: What We Know About Mobile Browsers and What We Would Like to Know

Strangeloops shares with us the importance of browser caching in mobile performance and why the mobile browser community should open up more regarding what is going on behind the scenes.


Automation Is For Tools, Not People

F5 writes why DevOps is about agility and continuity rather than automation to control the environment and protect against threats.


APAC To Be Fastest Growing Region in Infrastructure Expenditures for Next 4 Years

Canalys releases research on data center transformation with predictions for growth in the next four years. They predict data center investments to grow 6% by the end of the year to reach $128 billion and ultimately reach $152 billion by 2016. While businesses in China and India are heavily focused on expanding infrastructure, North America will still remain the biggest infrastructure market.


5th Straight Year of Registered Domain Names Growing more than 2%

Verisign reports that more than 233 million domain names are registered worldwide following 7 million more domain names added in the first quarter 2012.


Yahoo Passwords Hacked — 780 Users Use Password as a Password

Hackers recently posted online the passwords for 450,000 Yahoo Voices accounts. Surprisingly, ’12345′ was the password for 2,295 users.


Those Empty TV Channels — A New Space for Internet

Getting faster broadband out to rural America is more of a challenge than one may think. A new solution is to use the white space on cable providers (the channels that do not broadcast anything) to build a network to move wireless and mobile data.


A Breakup With Siri?

An amusing blog reflects on a personal relationship with Siri, from the never-ending possibilities for fun and support in the beginning to constant disappointment by the end.

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