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Creating new programming languages is becoming easier ... and harder

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In December 2010, Brendan Eich talked about Mozilla’s new programming language called Rust (that focuses on safety and concurrency, to replace C++ as Mozilla’s implementation language). He mentions that creating new languages is still important, because they can recycle old research, but repackage it so that it becomes more mainstream-compatible. One example is Clojure that continues the Lisp tradition, but on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). There are two new aspects to modern language design:

  1. Implementing new programming languages has become simpler, thanks to platforms such as LLVM and the JVM.
  2. But it has also become harder, because modern IDEs such as Eclipse have made it clear that you cannot separate a language from its tools. My favorite example, expressed in pseudo-arithmetic:
    Python > Java
    Java + Eclipse > Python + (any Python IDE)
    In other words: Eclipse fixes some of Java’s deficiencies. Note that this is an old lesson that has been taught by languages that come with sophisticated development environments (e.g. Smalltalk or Genera), but those lessons are just now becoming mainstream again.


From http://www.2ality.com/2011/04/creating-new-programming-languages-is.html

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Javin Paul replied on Wed, 2011/05/04 - 7:01am

Couldn't be agree more than this, without proper tool no language can survive. There are lots of example presents  around like scala, and many other new JVM language but nothing is as popular and widely used as Java Why because java is established and lots of tools , resources and programmer community is available in Java , so even if a new language provides one or two benefit it won't be able to replace existing big like Java, C++ , C and Perl.

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