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Codenvy Beats Desktop With a 10 Point Lead

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How long does it take to do Hello World on Eclipse, provided that you have a clean Linux machine? I was curious enough to start an experiment and record it. Enjoy the comparison. Desktop vs Cloud. Eclipse vs Codenvy .

Desktop vs Codenvy from Codenvy on Vimeo.

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Grover Righter replied on Wed, 2013/03/27 - 11:06pm

Speed of setup for the dev environment is important for us, but we found many other reasons why we needed to move dev to the cloud:

  • sharing / collaborative coding for two coders in two locations
  • dev libraries always consistent
  • builtin support for Heroku and other PaaS we use

As a result, we are moving all new projects over to Codenvy.  And I am getting no negative backlash from my developers.  

Grover Righter

Chief Scientist, Lever10

Mason Mann replied on Tue, 2013/05/28 - 8:06am

Grover, the two first points are moot, since ANY repository (git, svn) can ensure that if you have a  brain.

Also, how do you code when internet connection is down? On the plane? Cabin in the woods?

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