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Code Template Repository

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In my wildest dream I was wondering why wouldn't it be possible to have a code repository that learns on its own from various code done in an organization, and to be able to bring up templates for developers to just modify and reuse?

I feel artificial intelligence could be a rite fit to build repository ("Code Template Repository") that can make developers life easy and apply re-usability to greater heights. This could be very handy for products/domains specific learning pattern, which would give birth to re-usability from a business stand point.

Maybe it's too ambitious to say "learn on its own", but there could be some manual intervention from developer so as to what a template is, and a replacement criteria for reusing it. I haven’t worked out the details yet. As I started, it could be a wild dream but I feel there is a real need of a repository that could store knowledge not just the .jar file :).

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Alexei Vidmich replied on Mon, 2010/03/08 - 7:08pm

I have been wondering about the same thing: Missing Code Reuse.

Imagine if there would be a service indexing your code. I can see it as a plugin in IDE - you configure privacy settings and it automatically publishes what you allow it to publish. And other developers do the same.

Then imagine if it would be possible for the same plugin in your IDE to constantly search against that index of code inventory. It would help if you provide some keywords for it to understand what you are working on. E.g. "Login page".

It instantly shows you 10 most popular implementations that match to what you started writing and match the task that you are trying to accomplish.

Chuck Canning replied on Tue, 2010/03/09 - 3:38pm

Why don't people just use the Template pattern instead when building resuable components. I have used it in the past to make coding tasks more simple and efficient. Proper templates usually require domain knowledge which would be difficult for software to automatically extract.

Senthil Balakrishnan replied on Wed, 2010/03/10 - 9:34am


You seem to be thinking on the same lines as myne, I am sure it's not far from reality.


Senthil Kumar

Rajesh Soundarraj replied on Wed, 2010/03/10 - 9:51am

Instead of AI, It should be more like a neural network, where it can extract patterns from the code and build on top of it.


Perhaps it can also lead to IP issues or worst developers will be obsolete

Senthil Balakrishnan replied on Wed, 2010/03/10 - 10:20am in response to: Rajesh Soundarraj

You are right the worst developers will be obselete :)


Senthil Kumar

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