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I am working as a Senior Architect having 13+ experience in IT Industry with core competencies in Web-oriented Solutions/Architecture (Primarily: Java/J2EE, RDBMS) with experience in architecture, design, development and deployment on heterogeneous platforms (Sun Solaris/Ultrasparc, Linux/Unix, Intel/AMD x86) and Application Servers (Websphere, WebLogic, JBOSS, Tomcat, Terracotta). Also, having diverse experience in numerous JEE Web Frameworks (Struts, Spring, Wicket, JSF, Custom frameworks), open-source technologies (based on multiple languages like PHP, Scala, .NET) and COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) solutions (e.g. CA SiteMinder, Wily Introscope, Websphere DynaCache, WebLogic Portal). Ankur is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 7 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

Code Quality Process/Guidelines for Development Teams

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A Code Quality Process needs to be established at the start of development cycle so that all stakeholders (developers, PM, architects, etc.) will be aligned to same objective of delivering quality code.

The following Code Quality Process is based on my learnings and can be customized further to cater as per any project needs:

Also, to track Code Quality throughput development cycle, a tool (excel based) like this below can be used by team pro-actively:

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