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The Cloudcast #138 - Blocking on OpenStack's Storage Door

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Date: April 12, 2014

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Aaron and returning co-host Ken Hui (@hui_kenneth) talk with John Griffith (@jdg_8, SolidFire) about the role of an OpenStack PTL, the evolution of Storage from Icehouse to Juno, Cinder architecture and where block storage fits into OpenStack deployments. Music Credit: Nine Inch Nails (

Ken Hui's Blog Series on Cinder:
Topic 1 - What is your background? What role does a PTL play in an OpenStack project? Block storage is a vendor-heavy segment of OpenStack - how do architectural decisions get made in Cinder?
Topic 2 - What is the state of block storage with OpenStack in Icehouse, and where do you expect it to go with Juno? What are the most common use cases are you seeing today?
Topic 3 - Now that there is such a range of ways to deliver block storage (all-disks, hybrid disks & Flash, All-Flash), does Cinder need to take this into consideration or is it agnostic to the storage media?
Topic 4 - At the OpenStack Summit, we heard quite a bit about deployments using Swift and Object Storage. Is that still the dominant use-case with OpenStack deployments, or are block and file (Project Manilla) growing as well?
Make sure to check out Ken Hui and Brian Gracely’s sessions at OpenStack Summit.

Also, we’ll be doing live shows at the Summit in the Social Media area, so come by and visit us (or be a guest on the show)

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