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CHM Version of JavaFX Documentation

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To make it easy to get to grips with the JavaFX Preview SDK, geekycoder has provided a distribution of the documentation in CHM format. Here you can find out how to get it.

Content submitted by geekycoder

Those who are enthusiastic to develop cool RIA applications using the recent release of JavaFX Preview SDK may feel hampered by the difficultly of locating information using the HTML documentation that comes with the SDK. The documentation can be hard to browse and use in a web browser, especially for a developer who wants to use JavaFX efficiently and effectively. The lack of a search function will also make using and learning JavaFX API a time-consuming experience. Although developers can still use an internet search engine to search for API, this is often slow and requires Internet connection.

image If you looking for a much better way of using the documentation, there is a solution for you. What better way to store this documentation than in CHM help format. CHM (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) file is that can be viewed easily from those running Windows 98, XP onwards. It allows the user to select from a tree of topics and to perform search and print functions. In addition, CHM is a self-contained file can easily be distributed.



I have compiled the documentation into CHM format so why not download it and start to learn JavaFX more effectively.

downloadFile: Javafxdoc.doc (3.3mb)
Use Save As, then rename the file to javafxdoc.chm
(Renaming required as WordPress.com does not support upload of file with extension other than doc and some supported media format.)

Feel free to distribute this file

Although CHM is developed by Microsoft, there are CHM viewers available for other platforms

Note that I yet to try the CHM file on those platforms.

To find out what the CHM looks like, read on…

Do whatever you can do in a web browser, only better and more convenient using CHM Help


Power search function make searching for API a breeze


Happy development with JavaFX !

From http://geekycoder.wordpress.com/


Guido Amabili replied on Tue, 2008/08/05 - 4:31am

Cool, thanks GeekyCoder!


Vincent DABURON replied on Wed, 2008/08/06 - 3:02am

Thank you James,

very useful when I'm working on the train ..

Vincent D.

Einstein Ian replied on Thu, 2008/08/07 - 1:41am

Resource can not found , it prompted this when i wanna download.

Jerome Baton replied on Thu, 2008/08/07 - 6:51am in response to: Einstein Ian

Hi, It seems that the file has been updated, as read on the source blog.

The link is http://geekycoder.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/javafxdocbuild101.doc

Einstein Ian replied on Mon, 2008/08/11 - 12:17am


I tried this link before, but prompted "The page cannot be displayed".

Cos I'm in China, maybe cannot access this website here.

Regrettable. But I really wanna own it.

If someone have it, can send it to me ?

My email address is einstein.yoyoo@gmail.com or einsteinm@163.com

Many Thx .

Einstein Ian replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 12:38am

Hi All

I've got this doc file, but I found that there are a lot of differences. In my local javafx package, there have a package just like "javafx.ui" or "javafx.ui.canvas" etc. But In this doc file I could not find any more.

Dunno if this is a helper doc file for a new version of javafx script language SDK or a old version one.


GeekyCoder coder replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 1:57am in response to: Einstein Ian


the documentation in the JavaFX preview SDK is not yet updated as JavaFX is not yet finalized. The CHM is generated by documentation found in the SDK.

Einstein Ian replied on Wed, 2008/08/13 - 7:21am in response to: GeekyCoder coder

Oh, so the current CHM file is just a draft version one right, and JavaFX have not completed yet right.

I should wait for it.

Anyway,GeekyCoder many thanks for ur file, it is very good and helpful.

darvei replied on Sat, 2009/03/21 - 8:48am

bro, where to download it??

i can not find the link. if there is one, please send me a link, thanks a lot.


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