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Book Review: "Instant Effective Caching with Ehcache" by Daniel Wind

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Recently, I had a chance to review the book "Instant Effective Caching with Ehcache" by Daniel Wind. Honestly, I do think the book justifies its title very well: constructed as a set of various recipes, it guides you step-by-step through typical scenarios by providing brief explanations along with small code snippets, clear enough to serve as a starting point (most recipes also have references to relevant sections of EhCache documentation).

If you have ever worked with EhCache, many recipes would look very familiar to you. But for a newbie or even intermediate developer, it might be very interesting to see:

More advanced examples include:

As a final note: short but useful book, not a comprehensive guide to EhCache world but rather a quick reference. Thanks to Daniel Wind for gathering all these recipes together.

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