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Big Data Meets Metadata – Analyzing Large Data Sets

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We all know that metadata is the key to powering the semantic web.  Learn about how big data tech is paving the way for better analysis of this metadata in this presentation by Jeremy Bently of Smartlogic at Lucene Revolution 2012.

As Big Data becomes more pervasive, the need for increased metadata management becomes critical to the understanding and mining of that content. Metadata is what unlocks the value of information assets. When metadata is well managed, the information assets are more useful and valuable. Badly managed metadata can make information assets less useful and less valuable - creating increased costs and risks related to those assets. During this presentation, we'll discuss the different types of metadata, the role of search and analytics in Big Data and the integration of Apache Solr with Content Intelligence to enable better metadata management of Big Data.

Download Session Slides.


Daniel Slazer replied on Tue, 2012/06/12 - 12:17pm

Yep, those are almost the worst. The worst (IMO) are the customers that say yes to everything even though they don't agree. Luckily I've only had to deal with that once in my lifetime so far, what a huge failure that project was. Now I just follow a simple rule: come time to present the first iteration / prototype / design document / whatever, there must be a "yes, but..." in there. No but = no good.

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